In a single glance, your new Plan Health Dashboard brings meaningful data and actionable items together onto one screen. Starting with a Plan Summary, easy infographics show you where your plan is today. Together, we can dig a little deeper and identify ways to help your participants improve their retirement readiness.
Chart with a breakdown of the 36,294 participants by age group and placed in 3 categories. The categories are those actively deferring (19, 813), inactive (13,478) and requested payouts (3,003). The number of new enrollments for the calendar year (926) is shown as well.

How many are participating?

  • Status, age
  • New enrollments

Dig deeper

  • Participant demographics
  • Gender (male/female)
  • Online enrollment

Graph showing a date range from 2015-2019, indicating a participant's Average Account Balance is $54,622 and their Average Contribution is $602.

How are they saving and investing?

  • Average account balance
  • Average contribution

Dig deeper

  • Historical trends
  • Percent of participants with YTD increased contributions

A picture showing 31% of participants are

How many are ready for retirement?

  • Number of participants with online account
  • Number of participants with a retirement goal
  • Number of participants ready for retirement
  • Plan-level peer comparison

Dig deeper

  • Identify opportunities to engage employees and participants